Crafted from durable polyester, our sunflowers are designed to withstand the test of time. The flower heads are approximately 15 cm in diameter, making them a noticeable feature. The bright yellow petals and brown centers accurately depict the sunny charm of a sunflower.

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bright yellow, brown


approximately 15 cm in diameter

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At PetalWonders, we take great pride in our beautiful collection of artificial sunflowers. These radiant blooms, standing tall with a typical height of about 50 cm, embody the warmth and happiness of summer, filling your spaces with cheer all year round.

Our artificial sunflowers are crafted from robust polyester, a material chosen for its durability and vibrancy of color. The quality of this fabric allows us to recreate the robust, slightly textured surface of real sunflower petals, resulting in flowers that are not only visually appealing but also pleasing to the touch.

The standout feature of any sunflower is its large, circular head, and our artificial sunflowers are no exception. Each flower head measures around 15 cm in diameter, and is densely packed with small, dark brown florets that imitate the intricate patterns found in the centers of natural sunflowers. Surrounded by bright yellow petals, these florets create a delightful contrast that is instantly recognizable and universally loved.

Like their natural counterparts, our artificial sunflowers feature rough, serrated leaves attached to sturdy stems. These stems, made from a blend of polyester and wire, allow for flexible positioning to suit any vase or floral arrangement. Additionally, the leaves deep green color provides a wonderful contrast to the bright yellow petals, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the flower.

Sunflowers are symbols of adoration, loyalty, and longevity, largely because of their unique ability to follow the sun across the sky – a trait known as heliotropism. Our artificial sunflowers capture this vibrant and energetic spirit, providing an enduring bloom that does not require sunlight, water, or any form of maintenance.

Caring for our artificial sunflowers is a breeze. A light dusting every now and then is all it takes to keep these blooms looking fresh and radiant. For more thorough cleaning, a damp cloth or soft brush can be used to remove dust and dirt from the petals and leaves.

In terms of color symbolism, sunflowers are often associated with warmth, happiness, and positivity due to their bright yellow color. By introducing our artificial sunflowers into your space, you can bring in a touch of this positivity and joy, adding vibrancy to any room.

PetalWonders’ artificial sunflowers are more than just an imitation of nature. They are a celebration of the natural world’s beauty, capturing the charm and cheer of real sunflowers. With their realistic appearance, effortless maintenance, and enduring beauty, they offer an ideal way to enjoy the sunny charm of these flowers all year round. Choose our artificial sunflowers today and let the sunshine in!

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